Brisbane United FC remains supportive of the National Second Tier (NST) concept and committed to entering the competition in 2025.

Brisbane United FC’s directors are compelled to act in the best interests of the club (the company) and its sponsors. During the application process, the club identified what we consider to be significant risks to a successful entry and sustainable future in the NST.

While these clear and obvious risks are small in number, they concern operational imperatives critical to providing certainty and confidence to sponsors, directors, players and supporters alike.

The matters in question were not created by Brisbane United FC and cannot be resolved solely by Brisbane United FC. Therefore, discussions between the club and Football Australia (FA) are ongoing with the aim of arriving at a mutually beneficial solution which is in the best interests of the game. These discussions will continue in the latter part of this year and in early 2024.

For the NST to be a true national competition, Queensland and the city of Brisbane must be represented. Brisbane United FC has the support of Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and state government departments. A successful entry into the NST will present great opportunities for our proposed home ground at Perry Park.

We look forward to providing updates in the near future.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner talks about Brisbane United’s bid

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