INAUGURAL Brisbane United Chair, Rabieh Krayem, says the values, principles and history forming the heart of the club’s culture will help the already promising relationships with local and state governments to flourish.

After months of planning and connecting with political leaders, corporate Brisbane and local businesses alike, United are off to a great start with excitement and pledges of support for club’s vision and plans.

“All levels of government need a compelling reason to support and help develop any sport. Our discussions so far with the Lord Mayor’s office and the State Government have been very, very positive,” Krayem said.

“We presented a vision, a story, a project and a solution – we’re not here to tell all levels of government what to do; we’re here to present a compelling reason for them to work with us by demonstrating what we can give back to the community.

“Our discussions to date, along with our future plans, give us great confidence that we can be the club who connects the game with local government in a new and exciting way.

“This can only be good for football and we feel sure there will be some positive news for Perry Park along the way.”

“Importantly, we don’t have any local rivals as we don’t, and won’t, compete in any of the local competitions.” 

Krayem said the history of the two founding clubs, coupled with Brisbane United’s neutrality on the local scene, were key points in the overall value proposition.

“This club will be driven by the community and the local clubs. We are a not-for-profit, membership-based model designed to be inclusive and collaborative, so everyone can feel a sense of ownership,” he said.

“Importantly, we don’t have any local rivals as we don’t, and won’t, compete in any of the local competitions. In the research we conducted, this was a common theme and its importance cannot be underestimated, given that it was seen as a potential barrier to support. People find it hard to support a team they play against.

“With no natural rivals and no cultural background that is fixed to a nationality or country, we can confidently claim to be a club all of Brisbane can support, regardless of where you play, who you support or where your cultural heritage lies.

“Our clear goals are for United to be the club that Brisbane kids aspire to play for. It won’t matter if you play for Strikers, Wynnum, or any other member club. Our pathways will be built for the sole purpose of developing players to compete at National Second Division level and beyond.

“We are here to work with the football community and complement what is in place now. The club was born from collaboration and that is the principle we’ll go forward with.

“Brisbane United has been founded by two iconic local clubs with great history between them. Wynnum Wolves are now 101 years old and we founded by one of Australia’s most successful builders, Jack Hutchinson

“Who can forget what Frank Farina’s Strikers did for the game with their famous NSL win in 1997? It was a memorable day for football and now, 26 years later, the new Brisbane United is launched. 

“History, tradition, memories and success are all vital features of our game and will be cornerstones of Brisbane United’s culture and values.”

Inaugural chair, Rabieh Krayem, explains how Brisbane United FC came about and answers some FAQs.

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