To be the club everyone in Brisbane supports.


To be recognised by our supporters, partners, stakeholders and peers as the state’s most modern, progressive football club. We exist to serve grassroots football, create player pathways and nurture social cohesion in our community.


… A football club should serve its community, unite people and be a hub for new connections.
… In developing and nurturing local young players so they grow as people and as footballers.
… A football club should enrich its community by championing inclusion, equality and diversity.


Brisbane United FC has come to life with one goal in mind – to ensure the entire Brisbane football community is represented in the National Second Tier by a club they can call their own.

A club unlike traditional club models, Brisbane United is a collective with multiple stakeholders. While initially a partnership between Wynnum Wolves and Brisbane Strikers, another club (Virginia United) has now joined so they can contribute to, and benefit from, the Brisbane United network. Others will soon follow.

But Brisbane United does not exist solely for the benefit of its affiliated clubs. It is there for the good of football, providing pathways for players striving to be the best they can be.

The collaboration model means additional resources, skills, energy and ideas are combined for the good of the game, growing and developing a club everyone can be part of.

Importantly, Brisbane United won’t test any loyalties – it will add to them. It will be a club with no local rivals and no ethnic or cultural allegiances. Instead, it will be a club that celebrates Brisbane’s rich football history and focuses on the core strengths of unity, shared values and joint purpose.

It will be a club that exists for the local football community to get behind and support, underpinned by grassroots principles, values and connections.

One of our key objectives is to make the game cheaper to play. Already, corporate support is in place to provide scholarship funding to emerging juniors and relieve the financial burden in tough economic times.

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